Fitness plays a vital role in a tennis player’s development and results, not just short term, but also long term.  Fitness training for tennis is a vital undertaking. It is something that involves diverse factors that need special attention as well as consideration. All these factors should be provided, so you are able to be prepared for the game.

Here are some tips from Keith a personal trainer in Liverpool Street on how to improve your fitness for tennis:

Strength Training

This is definitely to spend time in the fitness gym to strengthen your muscle. Nonetheless, your main objective is not exactly to develop a muscular built. This training aims to boost your core and stabilize the body parts and joints, which are known to receive extra pressure when playing. These body parts should be strengthened so they will not be harmed and injured during games. These parts, whose strength must be developed are hips, abdomen, back, wrists, oblique muscles, elbows as well as shoulders. The lower body also requires strengthening as you would need power from adequate weight transfer, which will result from strong legs.

Flexibility Training

Those vital parts that require strengthening must also be made flexible and kept losing in proper stretching. Once these parts are tight, you will also be prone to injuries despite how strong your muscles are.

Footwork Training

Drills that deal with footwork are activity bursts followed by rest periods. The drills also not need to be in fixed durations. They can be in short, intense rallies, while in double plays. These rallies boost your speed and agility. Be reminded that the skills or features aren’t synonymous. Speed is how quick you move on a straight line; agility is how you are able to shift fast from a specific way to going to another way and needs more acceleration.

Proper Dieting and Nutrition

Tennis is described as aerobic and anaerobic activity. As a result, your training should also integrate proper nutrition as well as dieting. What you consume will give power or energy for all kinds of activity. Complex carbohydrates are ideal for aerobic exercise, while high-quality proteins are ideal for anaerobic activities.

Mental Training

In tennis, you will utilize not only the body but the mind as well. So, in preparing for tennis games, mental preparations must also be regarded. Prior to playing tennis, it is natural that you would feel tension and nerves; however, you must know how not to turn these emotions into anxiety. Perform some common rituals as well as routines, which will help in calming your nerves.

Visualization will also help the brain to concentrate or focus. Imagine the minds of methods and shots that you want to do during your game. This will give you a positive mental model, which can assist fill voids, which are likely to occur once the brain doesn’t have something to focus on. Visualization should be continued into all matches, so you are able to get in games in poor weather, in unforeseen interruptions and a hard opponent.