Are you feeling that your tennis game is stagnating or do you wish to become a pro in tennis? If yes! Then you have hit the right place. If you are playing tennis from a long time and managing to win the small and easy games but finding it hard to hit on the tough ones then you probably might want some more practice and some tips to improve your game. However, sometimes practicing is not enough. You might be practicing 5 times in a week but still haven’t seen improvement in your game. If this is your case then here are five golden tips that can improve your tennis game in a very short time.

5 tips to improve your tennis


Tip 1- Have a plan

Not having a plan could be a very big reason that you are not improving your game. You must know when to practice and how much to practice to improve it. Think about your weaknesses and note them down. Make a plan to correct the weakness and work upon them. Make sure that you work upon the plan as planned on a regular basis for best results. You will not get much if you hit the practice court without a plan.

Tip 2- make sure that you train with better players

Having higher level of game partner can really improve your game. Practicing with the players weaker than you can never help you improve your game. Next time you hit a player better than you, just ask him or her to become your training partner. You will notice that your intensity, footwork, decision making abilities and focus will improve automatically after few practices.

Tip 3- focus on the footwork

Generally people blame their striking ability if they lose the game. But only a few people know that it is really your footwork that matters. If you are out of position then you will miss your strikes, lose control and balance and will not be able to hit the shots. So make sure that you work on your foot work and your positions. So do some footwork drill before starting off with the practice.

Tip 4- pay attention to your opponents’ weakness

Paying attention on your opponent is a very important part of the game. You must never under estimate your opponent and focus on their weakness. So pay attention to your opponents’ game and try to exploit his or her game to make your game better. Players loose a very winnable match only because they do not try to take advantage of their opponent’s weakness. So always keep a mental note of your opponents move. It is not about only weakness, you can also learn from the strengths of your opponent.

Tip 5- clean up your diet

If you want to be a fit player then you must keep attention to what you eat. Being fit is a key element for any player. A majority of players benefit from eating clean and light before the match so that you do not feel sleepy and energize the whole day.