If your child is interested in learning tennis, there is a great professional career to look forward to. One can learn tennis even as a part of the hobby. When you or your child joins a tennis lesson, there are few fundamentals that they need to learn. You must communicate with your child’s tennis coach during these lessons to know whether they are being taught the right way to start playing. Here are the things that your child should learn during their first tennis lessons.


The stance technique

There is no right way of standing in tennis, and mastering as many stances as possible will help you become more professional. However, there are some special stances that the beginners need to learn about. There are four common stances – closed, squared, semi-open, and open. The modern approach to tennis involves semi-open and open stances. An older coach may still teach the closed or squared stance. The main benefit of learning open stance is that they can focus their head to see the ball better. It is a great way of starting the lessons as you will also learn the other stances.

Path of swing

Children often make the mistake of swinging incorrectly. If they do not get the right instructions for their groundstrokes, the training can be ineffective. They need to learn the basics of swinging the bat. It includes the low to high strokes and finishing the strokes across the shoulder. The beginners usually end their strokes above their head or closer to their hip. What they need to learn is the technique of wrapping their arm around their neck, which will elongate the stroke and add better direction and power to the hit.

Various grips

Holding a tennis racket is the same as the stances; there is no one way of doing it. Your child will learn one-handed backhand in most of the beginner’s training. Today the players commonly use semi-western grip, but the traditional is the eastern one. Talk with your instructor to find out what grips they teach. For a two-handed backhand, the dominant hand follows the forehand grip while the non-dominant rests on top. The grip to hit the volleys and serves are the most important ones that your child should learn early. They may not be easy to learn quickly, but they are most effective in serving properly.

tennis racket

How to serve

Learning to serve is easy, but mastering the technique can take years. The instructors may start with teaching the continental grip, proper motion and tossing the ball. There are two serving motions that you or your child may learn. The Pete Sampras motion or Andy Roddick motion. They are the two players whose serving techniques are still taught in most of the training schools. Both techniques are powerful and different from each other. Roddick motion is easier to learn for beginners, but one should learn both the techniques for a professional career.