Happy Monday Afternoon my friends!

Today we asked Right Path Fitness for there favourite abdominal workout that will build a strong core to improve your Tennis Game.

I have a variety of different stomach workouts that are my favourites but this was my routine from this morning in which i improvised a little.

my morning workout plans was nearly derailed when the television was already being used. So, I quickly changed things up. I did three rounds of my Stability Ball Circuit (15 reps each – except for the push ups, I did 10, 7, and 10 – I’m getting better at those!) and I combined that with 3 rounds (15 reps each again, except for planks, that would be ridiculous) this totally ass belly kicking workout!

Belly Blaster Circuit

Sit ups – traditional sit ups. Lock your feet underneath something and sit all the way up! This works your hip flexors as well as your abs (a hugely important exercise if you are a runner!)

Russian Twists – I used a 5# dumb bell to perform mine.

Planks – need no explanation. Plank however you like to plank!

Suicide Planks – these bad boys are bad ass. Feel the burn! I cannot do 15 of these in a row; nor can I do 3 sets of 15 in a circuit. I think I maybe did 15 total. I need to work on that.

Roll Up Toe Touches – These are huge for me because I never used to be able to roll up from a completely lying down position without helping myself, using my legs as leverage, etc. Now I can complete all of my reps and sets in this circuit!

Reverse crunches – can’t work the abs without blasting the lower abs now can we?!

Your abs will be on fire! Mine were. Combine this with my stability ball workout like I did and you get a full body workout with a huge focus on core strength!

Tomorrow I’m planning on training with Personal Trainer Shoreditch and hopefully we are going to run some intervals – I’m thinking the outdoor version of my Treadmill Fartleks that I came up with over the winter. 5 Miles, 3 of which will be intervals.

With the Core its always good to mix up the exercises.

Have a great rest of your Monday my friends, hope you liked my routine example.