rafael nadal armani modeling photos.0002 PHOTOS: RAFAEL NADAL FOR ARMANI

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rafael nadal armani jeans underwear photo 5 PHOTOS: RAFAEL NADAL FOR ARMANI

Really that’s all I have to say about these photos of Rafael Nadal modeling for Armani underwear.

Oh, and big thanks to LongLiveKingRog and “M” for sending me the links for the ultimate Tennis Hunk post! You’ll be seeing these images in magazines and on billboards (wow, Rafa writ large) around the world starting in February.

This one’s going on my wall (you don’t mind, do you fritters?):

rafael nadal armani modeling photos.0001 PHOTOS: RAFAEL NADAL FOR ARMANI

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Here’s Giorgio Armani on why he chose Nadal for the campaign (yeah, because an explanation is definitely needed):

Nadal is a real phenomenon, probably the best player who has stepped on a court, with awesome power and agility. I am delighted to see him play in every match. He is the ideal image because he represents a healthy and positive model for young people.”

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